Inspired by three (real) albums of protest music released in 2018 -- "Retake the Middle Ground," "Unfollow," and "World Almost Over?" -- the novel follows the travails of three (fictional) songwriters as they deal with issues from writer's block to physical intimidation, from trolls to the seemingly endless social media feeds devoted to politics.

Political Music Club Soundtrack

Music and songwriting are woven into the fabric of the novel Political Music Club. Below are links to all of the original Casual Rebels tunes from the book on By the way, all of this music is also available to stream at all of the major streaming services and is also available for download at iTunes


Rome Didn't Fall in a Day

Retake the Middle Ground

World Almost Over

Sheila Believes in Humankind

Judged by the Future

The Other Side of Broken

Born in America


Don't Wanna Dance

A House Divided

Intolerance is Easy

Life on the Streets (Anyway)



The Flow

Range of Emotion

Dawn is Coming