Inspired by three (real) albums of protest music released in 2018 -- "Retake the Middle Ground," "Unfollow," and "World Almost Over?" -- the novel follows the travails of three (fictional) songwriters as they deal with issues from writer's block to physical intimidation, from trolls to the seemingly endless social media feeds devoted to politics.

for Political Music Club

Part musical performance, part narrative, the audiobook for Political Music Club is a bit of a unique creature in the audiobook world.

Since the novel Political Music Club was inspired by music and is the tale of musicians, songs are an integral part of the book. So when the author went to narrate the audiobook, he also picked up an acoustic guitar and played the tunes which are so much at the heart of the book.

What follows is not only a great author read of the book, but also a performance of the album within its pages.