Inspired by three (real) albums of protest music released in 2018 -- "Retake the Middle Ground," "Unfollow," and "World Almost Over?" -- the novel follows the travails of three (fictional) songwriters as they deal with issues from writer's block to physical intimidation, from trolls to the seemingly endless social media feeds devoted to politics.

Chapter 1:

"This next song is called 'Twitter Should Ban Trump!'" said the lead singer from the bar's small stage, "and I know that there are a few assholes in this room who don't want me to play it, but we're playing it! So here we…" and there the intro ended as four young men in red hats rushed the stage and as the first of the young men reached the microphone, he threw the lead singer to the floor.

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About the book

In the age of Trump and Twitter and children separated at the border, 3 college-town musicians —a contemplative songwriter, a punk and a hippie — form a club to write protest songs against the current administration and to seek out like-minded souls.

Using a unique blend of current events, song lyrics, political debate and humor the novel Political Music Club tells the story of 3 individual voices trying to make a change in a very big world.

Political Music Club heavily incorporates music into its very fiber. Be on the lookout for songs placed in the midst of the story! They add a whole new dimension. Here's one of the songs which inspired the book: Unfollow, which advocates for unfollowing Trump on Twitter (and elsewhere)…


…and of course if you like the songs they can be purchased at all the usual places. We like (clicking the "buy" links on the song players will take you to Bandcamp) because they let you either download or stream through their app, whichever you prefer.


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